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Bag Products, Entering the market of India and Southeast Asia Mar 11,2020

Hiway mainly main export bags to the world, such as outdoor sport bags,business travel bags,waterproof school bags and so on. At the beginning, our target market has always been North America and Europe. With the change of foreign trade market, we gradually turn to Southeast Asia, India and other places. Although the proportion of this part is small, the growth trend is very fast.

From the perspective of market demand and consumption habits, the differences in product functions between Indian Southeast Asian market and European and American market are not big, but the color and style preferences are quite different, so the R & D personnel will adjust the color and design of products for different markets.

Before entering a new market, Hiway will understand the local retail market structure through various channels. When expanding the Indian market, we use the Internet, magazines and other channels to understand the retail market and wholesale market in India, for example, which supermarket types, department stores and small chain stores are there in the market. Understand the needs of local customers through mailing materials and participating in exhibitions. Of course, understanding emerging markets is an ongoing process that requires long-term follow-up.

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